WINNER of “Accentuating Rain”

Prize money: 30,000 BDT


Team members:

Dristi Chakma

Gourab Kundu


From MIST.


The project celebrates the essence of rain to a different level by selecting such a site. The site itself imposes a strong force being historical and ruined. The project finds an opportunity to offer a poetic solution. It displays a much matured approach by selecting material, structure with quite ambition on creating effects and affects by a deep understanding how material can engage in a dialogue when it rains and when it doesn’t rain. The proportional understanding of reintroducing and reconstructing previous essential elements (i.e. domes, vaults etc.) shows the skillful capacity of the author(s). The atmospheric condition of newly perceived space would be a reactionary solution to the repressive experience of the remaining thick brick walls on the periphery and thus intensifies the exposure to the sky to experience the sky with rain and (no) rain condition.” - Ar. Mohammed Emran Hossain

The design is a harmonized fusion of Ruin and Rain. Here this unique natural phenomenon has been well articulated as a sense of blessing through thoughtful selection of the context, thoughtful details. Translucent ambience during no rain and transparency during rain may add life to this ruin, reanimate this age-old spirit. The lightweight structure with a clear understanding of proportion has the potential to accentuate feelings of lightness against the exiting heavy rustic ruin and lifting human soul upward, closer to this unique blessing .“ - Maherul Kader Prince



2nd prize for “Accentuating Rain”

Prize money: 20,000 BDT


Team member:

Tasmin Zaman


From Premier University.


The way impact of a good music persists for a long time, the designed lattice has the potential to preserve sparkling dots of rain for a little more time after rain. Dramatic Augmentation of any phenomena is always marvelous. “ – Sheikh Ahsan Ullah Mojumder



3rd prize for “Accentuating Rain”

Prize money: 15,000 BDT


Team member:

Tarek MD Saidul Islam

Badia Badrudduja


From Studio Dhaka Architects.


“ Experience of rain drops from down through simple physics reflection & the preparation of journey before that unique experience is remarkable. “ – Sheikh Ahsan Ullah Mojumder