• Is there any particular site ?

No, there isn’t. A participant can choose any suitable site.

  • Is the site real or imaginary ?

A participant can choose a real site or an imaginary one.

  • Can I participate individually ?

Yes, A team can be formed consisting of 1 member or 2 members or a maximum of 3 members.

  • How can I get my team code ?

After completing payment you will receive the teamcode in the following email.

  • How do I register?

You can register from the official website of ArchTwist at http://www.archtwist.com.

The registration will be completed after you complete the payment

  • Is there any height limitation?

No, there isn’t.

  • Where should I look for any update or information?

You can visit our website (archtwist.com) or keep an eye on our facebook page.